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New U560 UMPC from Amtek



u560 Matt Miller, of MobileDemand, is reporting for from Computex Taipei 2007. Expect some daily updates from Matt on the latest announcements from Taipei.

Here is a report from Matt on a new UMPC from Amtek, called the U560:

– Matt Miller, MobileDemand

Amtek is displaying a prototype of their new U560 UMPC and stating mass production by end of 2007. Rumor is that they have an OEM partner in the US signed up to offer under the OEM partner’s brand name.

The U560 is a unique ““flip-up” style UMPC with full QWERTY keyboard and is embedded within a slightly larger frame that allows easy holding of the unit. The U560 boasts the Intel McCaslin A110/A100 600MHz/800MHz processor(s) and polymer battery for a good 3600mAh pack with 2 cells. There is a planned 4 cell extended battery pack that can provide superior battery life. It also includes a 1.3M pixel CCD camera.

Initial analysis is the U560 is that it is a quality UMPC with full compliment of options. It’s easy to hold and use, while maintaining a cool case to the touch. One has to keep in mind the ultra portable concept while typing with the small form factor keyboard.

(price point and availability in US to be firmed up tomorrow)

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