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New UMPC Design from Inventec



jkkmobile and Pocketables are showing off a new UMPC design from Inventec. (Or is it an MID, hmmm…) Pocketables is reporting that this is yet another Intel Menlow based design, which should mean a decently powerful unit. The "creatively" named Inventec UMPC 7-A, pictured below, has a 7" screen and sliding keyboard on a slight curve, which should mean a comfortable user experience if you’re holding it while typing. That said, I’m curious if the back side is actually curved like it seems to be in the pictures. That would make it very unstable when sitting on a desktop or dashboard. I’d have to see how the keyboard is for "thumbing" since it is unlikely to be a touch typeable keyboard.

Inventec UMPC 7-A

Inventec has a smaller model called the UMPC 5-D with (you guessed it!) a 5" screen. The 5" MID appears to have multiple docking solutions which includes an iPod dock in the back of one, and another with a D-pad control, presumably for gaming. 

Inventec 5-D

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