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New update from Agilix for GoBinder 2006



On Friday, I wrote about some troubling issues regarding the performance and bug issues that many users have been experiencing since upgrading to GoBinder 2006. Agilix has been steadily at work at trying to address these issues and have released a new build (2117). If you use GoBinder 2006, go to Help, Check For Updates and you can install this new build. Preliminary testing from reader, Richard Mayrand, indicates some improved performance.

There is a new update available today for GB 2006, and after installing, it actually runs faster on my machine than before. “Refreshes” between different folder views and calendar views are faster, not instantaneous, but noticeably faster. It is too soon to really say if overall slugginesh is corrected, but Keep up the good work Agilix !

I’m installing it right now and importing my 400mb database. I’ll report back on my findings later today. I could be wrong, but I don’t think that this new build is available to Plan Plus for XP users, yet.

Update: I’ve installed the build and imported my database. This new build is much faster than previous builds. I’d highly recommend installing this new build. Richard Mayrand has also installed it and offers this comment:

Well after a few hours of regular uses… It is faster with this update. Go get it !

Update #2: I just got an email from Mark Calkins, Vice President of Marketing at Agilix. He tells me that they have found another major performance gain to get around the .net bottlenecks. Look for another release soon.

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