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New Verizon 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot Commercial



A new commercial for the Verizon 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot 4510L hit the airwaves and the company’s YouTube channel touting the benefits of a 4G hotspot for users. The updated MiFi will deliver both 4G and 3G connections to up to five devices through the Verizon network depending on your location. What you get is a Wi-Fi router connected to the Verizon wireless network.

You can check out our own Chuong Nguyen’s review of the device from back in May when it first appeared. Comparing the 4510L to the Sprint MiFi, Chuong wrote, “Verizon’s fully metered plan offers better speeds, especially on the upload side, but may cost more in terms of data pricing if you use your MiFi a lot.”

The full retail price for the 4510L is $269.99, but with a two-year contract and a $70 online discount you can get one for as little as $29.99. Over the two years you will have to pay either $50/month for a 5GB data plan or $80/month for an 8GB data plan, totaling $1,200 or $1,920. You won’t get an unlimited data plan with the Mi-Fi.

Here is Verizon Wireless Picnic commercial:

Since I now have the Samsung Infuse 4G on AT&T, I decided to pick up one of these last night to replace my HTC Thunderbolt. I got the Thunderbolt because I wanted the unlimited tethering and an Android device. I have found that I don’t use that much data and can save money with Verizon’s 5GB plan compared to the unlimited plan plus the phone minutes I’m not using either. It was a mistake to get the second phone just for the tethering and to have an Android phone to play with because now I had to pay full price. Some people choose to pay full price instead of getting sucked into 2-year contracts.

Verizon Wireless Mobile Hotspot MiFi 4510L

Take a look at Chuong’s video review of the device.



  1. venel

    07/13/2012 at 8:30 pm

    what is the song in the background of this commercial?

    • Billie Corrette

      09/30/2012 at 12:24 pm

      Axel F is the name of the song. its also known as the Crazy Frog song. Theme song from Beverly Hills Cop Movie, Eddie Murphy, 1984

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