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New Video Shows Huge Amount of Customization Coming in Sunset Overdrive



For Xbox fans, games aren’t going to get more exciting than Sunset Overdrive this fall. When it launches in October, it’ll be one of the few Xbox One games that aren’t available anywhere else. That’s why it’s great that its developer has worked so hard to include cool features gamers will appreciate. Take character customization for example, in Sunset Overdrive it’ll be really robust as a new video released last night demonstrates.

Different genders, body types and races will all be available for users to customize when Sunset Overdrive makes its début. Insomniac Games says that it worked hard to ensure that users could create the type of character they wanted to in the game. In addition to race, skin tones and hair are customizable too. That users can create characters that look like them is one thing; sers expect that from modern games. What’s really interesting here is the length to which Insomniac apparently went to include clothing from inspired by popular trends.


Clothing is divided into street fashion, normal clothing, and costumes. Sunset Overdrive release date buyers will be able to choose clothing from each one of these sets. Insomniac had designers scour the world of popular fashion and culture for clothing users might find interesting. Users who want to dress like themselves in the game can. Sunset Overdrive players who want to look like a hipster can do that too. Finally, anyone ready to create a character with a mix of custom parts — like wearable bunny ears — can do that too. A lot of the clothing in the game wasn’t actually inspired by clothing users can find in the United States, lending it a bit of brashness.

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Users who don’t want to custom pick every piece of their character’s outfit can use the game’s clothing presets to quickly find some clothing they like already assembled. When users are moving around in Sunset Override’s game world, they’re clothing will move with them.

In the video, developers discuss a cod piece with a Kangaroo head in great detail, further highlighting just how far off the beaten path Sunset Overdrive will be when it arrives on the Xbox One on October 28th in North America. Though outlandish, the costumes match the attitude, look and feel of the game completely.

Sunset Overdrive is about taking on zombies who’ve overrun Sunset City. Through most of the combat users are shown riding rails and power lines with over-sized weapons to take on enemies. As that Kangeroo cod piece alludes to, Sunset Overdrive isn’t too serious like Halo or Titianfall are. It’s still a high-end game, but it’s clear Insomniac wants users to have fun with its multiplayer and laugh at its character’s outrageous antics. Really, there aren’t too many other games like it.

And that’s good because the Xbox One needs all the unique exclusive games it can get. This fall and winter aren’t expected to be light on titles, but games developed exclusively for one platform or another are going to be a bit light. In some ways that’s ok; games like Assassin’s Creed: Unity are definitely going to push some users into purchasing an Xbox One or PS4. On the other hand, each console also needs a decent exclusive game to convince users to purchase it over the competition.

The only other exclusive high-profile Xbox One title to join Sunset Overdrive this fall and winter will be Halo: The Master Chief Collection. That game isn’t so much as a new exclusive title as it is an old title that’s been updated specifically for the Xbox One.

Sunset Overdrive is available now for pre-order at game retailers like Best Buy. Xbox One owners who pre-order the game from GameStopwill get access to two exclusive outfits and three exclusive weapons.



  1. Gaurav Jaggi

    07/27/2014 at 11:07 am

    X BOX is the love of my life, and such customizations will add certain flavor to the complete icing thanks!

  2. Deepak

    07/27/2014 at 11:10 am

    I am so excited to see such a customization in gaming and i am sure it will add more fun…

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