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New Video Shows What Users Can Expect When Titanfall’s Beta Lands on February 14th



Users looking to get early access to Titanfall, the upcoming multiplayer shooter with online gameplay elements and more, can officially head to the studio’s website to apply for entry into the game’s upcoming beta.

Respawn Entertainment officially began taking applications for users looking to beta test the upcoming Xbox One exclusive late last night. Though anyone is invited to apply for access into the testing, which starts on February 14th, not all who apply will get in. In fact, even users who pre-ordered the game aren’t guaranteed a spot.

Unfortunately for Xbox 360 users the Titanfall beta appears to only be for Xbox One and PC players. Titanfall publisher Electronic Arts recently announced that it would be delaying the launch of Titanfall for Xbox 360 until March 25th.

Watch the alpha footage to see the Titanfall Gameplay experience in video.

How different the Titanfall beta will be from the alpha version that some lucky users had the opportunity to test earlier this year remains unclear. Presumably, they’ll be able to experience more of the game’s artificially intelligent robots and any balance changes that Respawn has introduced since then. After all, Titanfall is literally less than a month away from release and is expected to generate heavy sales for the Xbox One.

That’s something Microsoft alluded to when it announced its February Xbox One Update. That software update for the Xbox One is specifically designed to address the console’s multiplayer Party app’s shortcomings before Titanfall arrives. Though publishers have released dozens of Xbox One titles since the console’s arrival last year, Titanfall is really the only high-profile title that is exclusive to the Xbox One. The hope is that users who pick up Titanfall and have a great experience will tell their friends and push the console’s sales higher.

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The beta registration site makes it clear that users who are invited to the Titanfall Beta should receive a notification in their email by February 17th. All those who sign up and are accepted into the beta of the PC version of the game will need to create or already have a created an Origin Account with EA. Presumably, they’ll also need to have downloaded the Origin PC client as well.

Titanfall launches on Xbox One on March 11th. 

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