New Vista Ultimate Extras Released, Disappointment Continues
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New Vista Ultimate Extras Released, Disappointment Continues



Just got word from Microsoft that some new “Extras” were released today for Vista Ultimate users:

Microsoft ® Tinker (TM): Microsoft Tinker is a casual game that provides players with short puzzle game play sessions set in a warm, calming environment.

Ultimate Extras Sounds from Microsoft Tinker: Based on the positive feedback we received from the release of additional Windows Sound Schemes in April, we’ve integrated the unique audio sounds from Microsoft Tinker into a new sound scheme.

Windows ® DreamScene (TM) Content Pack #4 Windows DreamScene Content Pack #4 which adds three additional nature-setting Windows DreamScenes

I don’t know about you, but these “Extras” are not the kinds of things I was hoping for when Vista Ultimate was released in January 2007.  I kind of imagined real utilities and more frequent releases that would add value and a uniqueness to my Vista experience – something that made me say “man, I’m so glad I spent that extra money” . Screensavers, sounds, and the occasional game just don’t cut it.

Here are just a few ideas for Microsoft to chew on:

  • a syncing interface to my Media Center
  • notepad / wordpad on steroids
  • new pen-centric navigation scheme
  • new MovieMaker themes
  • a 90 day Zune pass subscription
  • some ink utilities or something tailored to my “tablet pc” experience
  • bumped up storage for Windows Live Mesh with enhanced revisioning
  • An integrated “Ultramon” for better handling of multiple displays. Honestly, though, this should have been addressed pro-bono in all versions of Vista.
  • Snipping Tool Plus, enhanced screen clipping, to the style of SnagIt
  • Windows Journal on steroids
  • An integrated FTP solution that is better than “open FTP site in Windows Explorer”
  • A real Regedit tool
  • Skinnable TIP

What about you? What kind of “real Extras” would you like to see Microsoft release?

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