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New Watch Dogs GamePlay Video Showscases Hackable Open World



Many gamers are preparing to pick up Microsoft and Sony’s next generation gaming consoles this fall but based on newly released footage of Watch Dogs, gamers who aren’t still have something to look forward to playing even on the eve of the new consoles launch.

In a new 15 minute gameplay breakdown by the developers of the game, users are treated to some background knowledge about the game’s premise including the backstory on how the game’s main character is able to control vast swaths of the game environment city’s infrastructure.

As described in the video, Watch Dog’s version of Chicago, Illinois is actually controlled be a super computer known as CtOS. While CtOS has enabled city leaders to clamp down on rampant crime, traffic and other problems, it’s also left the entire city vulnerable to anyone who might have the knowledge and know-how to crack the system – including the main character, Aiden Pearce.


Watch Dog players are able to control many of the game world’s attributes using a smartphone.

While Watch Dogs is mostly a third-person shooter, where the game really sets itself apart is the way users are able to roam the open world even when they aren’t on a mission.  This, plus the way users can openly hack almost anything in the game environment – as seen multiple times in the video  — makes it completely unique in its own right, surpassing the capabilities seen in almost all other open world games, like the Grand Theft Auto franchise.

For a game that is not a sequel, the level of detail in the game that showcased in today’s YouTube video is almost unheard, particularly in open-world games where developers tend to space out missions around large areas of background city-scapes in the hope of making the game world larger..

Ubisoft says they’ll have even more to share about the kind of adventures users can expect in the game between now and its launch on November 19th in the United States. In addition to launching on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, users will also be able to play Watch Dogs on the PlayStation 3, Wii U & Xbox 360.

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