New Windows Phone 8 Apollo Features Leak Out

Windows Phone 8 Apollo is going to be Microsoft’s next big Windows Phone update and today, new purported features of the company’s next big update have come to the surface.

WPCentral has leaked several new alleged features of Windows Phone 8, also known as Windows Phone Apollo, and it appears that the software is shaping up nicely.

The report comes shortly after Apple announced its next version of iOS, iOS 6, and shortly before Google is expected to announce its next version of Android, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Microsoft is said to be overhauling Windows Phone with Windows Phone 8, packing it with features, native development for games and improved development tools.

Here is a list of the Windows Phone 8 features that leaked to the surface today:

  • Nokia Maps will replace Bing Maps as the native map service in Windows Phone 8. It will feature 3D maps, possibly similar to those found in the new iOS Maps app and the new Google Maps, and it will supposedly feature hardware acceleration across the Windows Phone lineup of devices.
  • Skype will be baked into Windows Phone 8 directly and will be connected to contacts. It will include both messaging and VOIP and it will work when multi-tasking.
  • Windows Phone Wallet will be Microsoft’s mobile payment platform and it will be prominently featured in Windows Phone 8.

Microsoft hasn’t confirmed any of this but it is slated to show off Windows Phone 8 Apollo this month so it might confirm these details at that event.

Also unclear is whether or not current Windows Phone devices will get the update. There has been quite a bit of back and forth with Microsoft rumored to not be updating current Windows Phones with the software, rumored to be updating some Windows Phones with the software and updating current Windows Phones with a stripped down version of Windows Phone 8 called Windows Phone 7.6 or Windows Phone 7.7.

Hopefully, the company clears that up for consumers when it shows off Windows Phone 8 for the first time.