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New Worm Rickrolls Jailbroken iPhones



"Never Gonna Give You Up"

"Never Gonna Give You Up"

Last week, word worked its way around the Internets about a Dutch hacker trying to squeeze 5 Euros out of folks with jailbroken iPhones. Today, jailbreakers from Down Under are getting Rickrolled by the very first iPhone worm.

Turns out, if you jailbroke your iPhone and installed SSH, opening the root directory to file swapping, and DIDN’T change the default password, your iPhone becomes vulnerable to outside hacks, like having your wallpaper changed to a shot of Rick Astley and the message “ikee is never going to give you up” (or as the kids call it “Rickrolling“). Seems pretty innocuous, but who knows what other variants might be doing in the background, like stealing your data.

For the record, I’ve never approved of putting hacking tools in the hands of non-hackers. If you know what you’re doing, great. But I’d wager most jailbreakers don’t really understand that they’re breaking the security on their iPhone (and therefore don’t think that changing the password is important). If you break the lock on your door to get in, you’d better replace it.

If you’re one of the folks who need to fix their lock, Just Another iPhone Blog has instructions on how to change your password. No worries if you didn’t jailbreak or use SSH.

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