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New Xbox 360 Bundles Bring Huge Savings 



Since 2013, most of the focus has been on Microsoft’s Xbox One gaming console, but it looks like its Xbox 360 will continue to be the best video game console anyone on a budget can buy thanks to three new Xbox 360 bundles.

Microsoft announced the three new Spring Xbox 360 bundles in a post on its Xbox Wire news blog earlier today. Each of the Xbox 360 bundles are designed to make the Xbox 360 the best console to buy for anyone who isn’t buying the Xbox One at $399.

What Microsoft is calling the Xbox 360 500GB Spring Value Bundle costs $249.99 and includes download codes for Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare and a disc-based copy of Fable Anniversary. This Xbox 360 is made specifically for users who don’t need a Kinect sensor for their console, but do want as much storage as they can possibly get without adding a USB hard drive.

xbox 360 spring value bundle

The Xbox 360 4GB Kinect Spring Value Bundle is definitely not for hardcore gamers looking for as much space to store digital games as possible. It’s this console that Microsoft hopes anyone new to the Xbox ecosystem will pick up. It includes a Kinect sensor so that users don’t have to worry about purchasing one for motion gaming separately. Instead of more hardcore titles, this bundle comes with Kinect Adventures and Kinect Sports Ultimate. Kinect Adventures was the originally launched with the first Kinect sensor. The Xbox 360 4GB Kinect Spring Value Bundle costs $299.99.

For those users who simply need anything and everything they can possibly get in a single Xbox 360 bundle there’s the Xbox 360 500GB Kinect Spring Value Bundle. Included with this Xbox 360 bundle is Kinect Sports Ultimate and Kinect Adventures. Presumably, this bundle will take the place of the Xbox 360 bundle now available at $349.99.

These new spring bundles couldn’t come at a better time for the Xbox 360. In recent months, Microsoft has slowly began to address the issues keeping the Xbox 360 from being just as viable as its Xbox One. The company continues to offer compelling deals on video game downloads for the Xbox 360 through the Xbox Live Deals with Gold promotion. Last month the company revealed the Xbox 360 Preview Program, a way of getting users access to early software updates just like they can on the Xbox One.

Whether all of that will be enough to keep the Xbox 360 viable for the next few years remains unclear though. The Xbox One costs $349.99 and now includes Halo: The Master Chief Collection absolutely free. Video game console sales are built on the back of exclusive games that players can’t get anywhere else. The Xbox One boasts a decent amount of exclusives coming later this year, but exclusives on the Xbox 360 are dwindling. For example, owning an Xbox One will be the only way users can check out Halo 5: Guardians when it debuts next year. Quantum Break, the next game from Alan Wake developer Remedy, is only coming to the Xbox One. Even independently developed titles like Batman: Arkham Knight aren’t coming to the Xbox 360.

The Xbox 360 does have a large number of low-cost games, something the Xbox One currently does not have.

Microsoft encouraging users to snap app up these new Spring Value bundles while they can as they’ll only be around for a limited time. With these bundles out now, last year’s Holiday Value bundles will become harder to find.

Microsoft hasn’t said which retailers specifically will carry the Xbox One Spring Value Bundle. Traditionally, the bundles are available at Target, Best Buy, Wal-Mart and online at Amazon.

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