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New Xbox May Be Influenced by Microsoft’s Phone Designs



Microsoft may have a new UI in store for the next Xbox that will keep the same basic look of the Xbox 360 with a few notable changes.

According to The Verge the next Xbox will have smaller Live Tiles than the ones currently on the Xbox 360. Microsoft introduced smaller Live Tiles with WIndows Phone 8, and will likely bring them to Windows 8.1, so bringing them to the next Xbox makes sense.

Sources also tell The Verge the new Xbox dashboard will have lighter or darker themes, which honestly doesn’t say much about what it may look like. There’s no word on if the dashboard (which pops up when users press the Xbox button) will have an entirely new look on the next Xbox, or just a new color palette.


Microsoft reportedly plans to make it possible for next Xbox owners to interact with Xbox 360 owners through messaging, beacons and achievements. Microsoft will likely let users bring their current Xbox Live account to the new console so they don’t lose contact with friends.

Some of those accounts may have already gone through the transition from the first Xbox to the Xbox 360.

The addition of smaller Live Tiles to the next Xbox UI would mean Microsoft can put more content on the screen at once. It’s not clear if users will get the chance to rearrange those elements or not. The Live Tiles of the Xbox 360 are immovable, with the same design on every screen.

Users don’t have any options to change the UI of the Xbox 360 aside from the ability to add games or apps to the “My Pins” tile.

Other recent rumors for the next Xbox include a move to real money over the Microsoft Points virtual currency, new TV features like the ability to control a set-top DVR and new “flatter” controllers. Microsoft will unveil the console at a special event at it Redmond campus next Tuesday, May 21. At its E3 press conference the company will show what games will come at launch.

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