New Xbox One Bundle with Titanfall Lands
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New Xbox One Bundle with Titanfall Lands



Microsoft’s own retail stores are creating a new Xbox One bundle of their very own. As of now, users looking to upgrade to Microsoft’s latest entertainment console can do so now at the Microsoft Store and pick up a now rare Titanfall Xbox One Bundle.

Microsoft began selling this new Titanfall Xbox One bundle on its website earlier this week. Right now users can pick up the Xbox One with Titanfall for $349. That’s the same promotional price that Microsoft offers other Xbox One bundles at. What’s more, it’s $50 less than what buying an Xbox One would have cost just a few weeks ago. Buying Titanfall on its own would cost users $39.99 from the Xbox Store digitally. It doesn’t appear as if Microsoft is including the add-on maps that are available as a separate purchase and in the Titanfall Deluxe Edition. Potential buyers might want to factor that in.

Xbox One titanfall

Also included with this Xbox One bundle is a wireless controller, a single HDMI cable, a power cord, an Xbox Live Gold free trial and an Xbox One chat headset. To be clear, those come with every Xbox One Microsoft sells. What’s missing from this new Titanfall Xbox One bundle is the Kinect 2 sensor. With the Kinect 2 sensor users can controller their Xbox One with voice or gesture commands. It’s also used by some games as a wireless controller. The TV app users the Kinect 2 sensor and the built-in HDMI pass-through port to control cable boxes and display live television. Buying a Kinect 2 sensor separately for Xbox One is $150.

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If a Titanfall Xbox One bundle sounds familiar to you it’s because one existed before. Shortly after its first holiday season on store shelves Microsoft began bundling games with the console to make the price of buying in so early a bit more palatable. A Titanfall Xbox One bundle was the first bundle to arrive. Back then the cheapest Xbox One was still $499, $150 higher than what it is now.

Since then, Microsoft has rolled out a handful of different bundles that included games like Madden NFL 15, Sunset Overdrive and Forza 5. Today there are just two Xbox One bundles available for users. The first is the Assassin’s Creed Unity Xbox One bundle. It includes a copy of last year’s Assassin’s Creed Unity for Xbox One and 2013’s Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag. It also costs $349. The second is the Assassin’s Creed Unity Xbox One bundle with Kinect. It costs $449.

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That Microsoft is bundling a game with an Xbox One besides Assassin’s Creed Unity is definitely a good thing. Potential buyers need choice and Assassin’s Creed Unity is an open-world adventure game that might not appeal to everyone. It’s very story focused on driving. Users who didn’t like that game needed to factor in the cost of another they did like into their purchase.

Titanfall was developed by Respawn Entertainment, a studio founded by the creators of the Call of Duty franchise. In the game users play as a solider with all sorts of futuristic weaponry at their disposal. They can run on walls, make big leaps thanks to a jetpack and use robots to help them control the playing field. Titanfall gets its name from the giant robots that players can call in during their games. Players can climb inside these robots and take down enemies or they can control them remotely.

Titanfall is fun, but there is also a catch. Titanfall doesn’t have a real story, instead everything is online multiplayer. Buying this bundle won’t do users without an internet connection any good. Microsoft hasn’t said when it’ll stop selling this Titanfall Xbox One bundle.

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