New Xbox One Commercial Highlights Voice Command and Multitasking
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New Xbox One Commercial Highlights Voice Command and Multitasking



Sure, Xbox One early adopters won’t have many games that exclusively use the console’s Kinect 2 sensor on launch day, however that isn’t stopping Microsoft from showcasing the automated switching and voice commands that the sensor enables.

A new commercial posted to the Xbox’s YouTube page highlights two of the biggest differences between the first-generation Kinect sensor and the Kinect 2 sensor that is included with every Xbox One. The Kinect 2 sensor comes with a new high-definition video camera and high-performance microphones that allow it to instantly identify users who tell it to “show their stuff.”

In the video a women orders the Xbox One to showcase her games and media instead of the soccer match that her boyfriend was watching up until that point. The girlfriend then orders the Xbox One to open Dead Rising 3, which the Xbox One does almost instantly. It closes with the girlfriend ordering her boyfriend to go to the store in the same tone that she used with the Xbox One.

Microsoft Xbox One Ad

These advertisement seems to strike the exact cord that Microsoft needs to hit to justify the Xbox One’s $499 price tag. Simply billing it as a gaming device wouldn’t’ likely attract a large amount of users. Especially since Sony’s gaming-centric PlayStation 4 costs users $100 less.

For the Xbox One to truly be successful Microsoft will need for potential buyers to understand what makes the Xbox One a great all-in-one device. If users can quickly do anything they want with multitasking and user identification, that’s one less barrier Microsoft has to traverse to convince non-gamers that this is the holiday purchase they need to make.

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The Xbox One will go on sale beginning November 22nd. Pre-orders are already sold out, however users could still get a console at launch if they get in line early enough. Microsoft has confirmed that its retail partners will have a limited number of systems to sell to users who couldn’t get a pre-order in time.

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