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New York Police Help Make It Easier to Recover Lost iPhone 5s



Theft is a big problem for any smartphone owner, but especially for iPhone users who tend to have their devices stolen more often. Thankfully, in New York, the police department wants to help making recovering lost or stolen iPhones easier.

According to Gothamist, New York Police Department stationed officers at New York City Apple Stores today to help register new iPhone 5s in the city’s “Operation ID” program. The NYPD also calls the program the “Anti-Apple Picking Campaign.”

As part of the campaign the officers at the stores help new iPhone 5 owners set up Find My iPhone and register the device. By registering an iPhone with the NYPD officers can more easily track stolen phones and return them to the owners. To register their devices with the NYPD users only need to give their name, contact information, and iPhone serial number.

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NYPD registers iPhone 5s

The campaign doesn’t end today. Users can still go to the crime prevention officer at any police station in the city to register their devices. The campaign isn’t exclusive to the iPhone, so any smartphone user can register their device as part of “Operation ID”.

It is more difficult for the NYPD to track Android devices without location tracking apps installed, so users should look into Prey. It’s easy for NYPD to track iPhones because the department equips some officers with iPhones and the Find My iPhone app to make the search for missing phones much easier.

Perhaps the best part about “Operation ID” is that the NYPD offers it free of charge. It sounds like an easy way for any New York resident to make sure their iPhone is safe, though we still recommend against leaving it in a taxi or subway train.

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