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IphoneToday, one way or the other, will be a big day for news, mostly dominated by Apple. Apple is set to open WWDC and the hype machine and the rumor mill have both been boiling hot. The big news is that we’ll get a look at what some developers have been doing with the Apple SDK.I’m on record as saying I think this will be a revolution of sorts in mobile computing. Of course the other news is that everyone expects Apple to roll out a 3G version of the iPhone. There are also rumors of a carrier subsidy this time around, making the purchase price a bit easier to swallow as long as you are willing to sign a service contract.

And of course there are Apple Tablet rumors. I’ve been following those, and the rumor that has the most logic to it is that we won’t necessarily see a device announced for sale today, but that we might see such a device mentioned and promoted to developers so that they can begin working on it for a later fall release. Some think that is the reason we might hear about a new Leopard revision, some are calling Snow Leopard, which will have whatever bits in it needed to make such a device operate.

Who really knows, but we’ll find out in a few hours. One way or the other, whatever Apple unveils today, it will have more than significant impact.

Other news to follow today has to do with Twitter. Twitter has had its ups and downs of late, while becoming a favorite tool of many. Some are quite dissatisfied with Twitter because of those downs. They’ve been making some plans to survive the surge of traffic headed their way during WWDC, and we’ll see how those plans work. Is today a pass/fail day for Twitter?

And Twitter isn’t the only service to watch. Om Malik has an interesting piece on how Apple unveiling a 3G iPhone will test AT&T’s 3G network, especially if the rumored video chat comes to be.

Should be an interesting day.

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