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Newspaper on your UMPC



More cool stuff to do with your Ultra-Mobile PC.  I have always enjoyed the e-book experience, and the e-newspaper one promises to be a good one as it matures into the mainstream someday also.  In this story, OrigamiPortal is reporting that NewspaperDirect is headed straight to UMPC with an arrangement with Microsoft.  Hope it includes a crossword puzzle!  Here is what they had to say:

NewspaperDirect announced in a press release today that through a relationship with Microsoft they will be offering their newspapers on demand service to the UMPC devices.
NewspaperDirect has a large offering of newspapers available for download (a
full list can be found here) and allows you to download the news to your computer for viewing while on the go.
The company also runs a website called which allows you to view popular newspapers online in a news print format.”

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