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Next Flagship HTC Windows Phone Could Be a new HTC One Clone



Windows Phone buyers could have the option of picking up a Windows Phone that completely borrows its feature set from the new HTC One.

At least that’s according to a singular report originating from WPDang, a Windows Phone-specific website that has a decent track record in sharing accurate information about the operating system’s future. Citing a single source, the outlet claims that the next HTC Windows Phone flagship device will borrow heavily from the new HTC One. It names the HTC One’s dual rear-facing cameras and it’s all metal design explicitly.

The new HTC One’s dual cameras allow users to take photos and then use its UFocus technology to choose different subjects even on pictures they’ve already taken. It’s a unique feature and something that most smartphones can easily duplicate. That’s key since HTC needs marketable features that only it can provide users. Likewise, it’s all 90% metal design is also a big marketable feature that could leave users smitten when buying the new HTC One.


Ironically, these features could have an even bigger impact on the Windows Phone market. HTC has seen its share of Windows Phone sales plummet ever since Nokia introduced its first Windows Phones. That Windows Phones like the HTC 8X and HTC 8S were made of differently colored polycarbonate plastic and lacked any exclusive software features certainly didn’t help. If HTC were to bring the design of the new HTC One to Windows Phone it’s likely that the company would see some moderate or high demand. It’s worth noting that BoomSound, the companies front-facing speaker and amp system, is already available on a single Windows Phone.

Whether HTC would bring over new HTC One software features like the Blinkfeed news reader or the Sense TV television remote app, remains unclear.

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Unfortunately, there’s nothing really verifying these claims. HTC hasn’t produced an entirely new Windows Phone since it introduced the HTC 8X back in 2012. It updated the device last year with BoomSound speakers, however that model, the HTC 8XT, is only available to Sprint subscribers in the United States.

Microsoft is introducing hardware changes and support for new processors so that companies like HTC can design Windows Phone 8.1 devices based on their Android products. It’s expected to announce that change formally at next week’s BUILD event in San Francisco, California.

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