How to Get a Notification When the Nexus 4 is In Stock
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How to Get a Notification When the Nexus 4 is In Stock



The LG Nexus 4 should be in stock in the Google Play Store in the coming weeks, but instead of visiting the Play Store 20 times a day, users can sign up for a text notification when the Nexus 4 is back in stock.

Considering the first Nexus 4 stock sold out in around an hour, it’s likely the second shipment will sell out fast as well. Google doesn’t offer an option to sing up for alerts, but a third-party service monitors the Nexus 4 page every 5 minutes and can send text, email or browser alerts when the Nexus 4 8GB or 16GB are back in stock. monitors the web page for changes that signal the Nexus 4 is back in stock, and can send alerts when this happens. The service is free to use, and shoppers can choose from several alert types. This is easier than running your own website change detection tool, and checks more frequently than many off web services.

How to Know When the Nexus 4 is In Stock

To sign up for Nexus 4 in stock alerts, visit and create a free account.

Confirm the account in your email and if opting for the email alerts add the email address to contacts.

Log in to the account at and visit the Nexus 4 page.

Nexus 4 in stock

Receive a notification when the Nexus 4 is in stock.

Add the Nexus 4 to your account tracker and choose which type of alerts to receive. From here, users can opt to get stock notifications for the 8GB or the 16GB individually or for both models.

The alert lasts 180 days, so if you score one when it comes back in stock don’t forget to un-subscribe from alerts.

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The LG Nexus 4 is a new Android smartphone sold direct from Google, which runs Android 4.2 and should receive swift updates to the latest version of Android. The Nexus 4 sports a 4.7-inch 720P HD display, Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor with 2GB of RAM and wireless charging. The Nexus 4 is unlocked and runs on a variety of networks.



  1. fredphoesh

    11/27/2012 at 1:46 am

    the UK site is not tracking any of the Nexus products, this seems to be USA only.

  2. Shea

    11/27/2012 at 8:18 am

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