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Nexus 5 Android M Update: 10 Important Details



The Android M Developer Preview Isn't For Everyone

The Android M Developer Preview Isn't For Everyone

It's important to know that the Android M Developer Preview isn't for everyone and that you're taking a risk installing it on your Nexus 5. 

Remember, this is a piece of beta software. It's not meant for the general public. It's meant for developers and enthusiasts. It's not meant for casual Nexus 5 users who want to try out the features ahead of their public release. 

We've been hearing about Nexus 5 Android M update issues for weeks now. From crashes to battery drain to problems with applications. If you rely on the Nexus 5 for work or school and you don't own another device, you shouldn't install the Android M Developer Preview. 

If you're not comfortable with unfinished beta software, you should wait for the Android M update's public release later on this year.

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