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Nexus 5 Orders Already Shipping Out



This afternoon Google finally announced the new Nexus 5 smartphone running the all-new Android 4.4 KitKat. After months of rumors, leaks, and speculation surrounding the release date the device appeared in the Play Store and quickly started selling out.

Google’s new Nexus 5 was rumored for an unveil today, but wouldn’t be available until tomorrow, but we have some good news. After arriving on the Play Store in both 16 and 32GB storage options for $349 and $399, in both black and white, we’re happy to confirm it has already started shipping. Google’s store initially said the device will ship by November 5th for early orders, and has since bumped up a few weeks.


Seeing the Play Store suggest a November 5th shipping date wasn’t too inspiring, but that’s just an estimate saying it will ship “by” November 5th, not actually on the 5th. And just as we expected Google’s already begun shipping the new Nexus 5 smartphone to eager buyers that snatched it up this afternoon. We’re seeing multiple reports all over Twitter, not to mention received our own shipping confirmations this afternoon.

Google’s Play Store has already started showing delays with the site now saying orders will ship in 2-3 weeks for the 32GB model, and 3-4 weeks for the 16GB variant. Meaning Google’s selling them by the truckload and is trying to be realistic with shipping times and estimates.

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 3.36.34 PM

With many placing orders just a few hours ago it’s nice to see Google has already started shipping the Nexus 5 to customers. Sadly there wasn’t an overnight or 1-day delivery option, but for those who chose the 2-day shipping method we could see the device start arriving as soon as Monday. It looks like Google finally got a product launch right, although it’s still in the early stages.

As many of you probably remember, the Nexus 4 launch was a mess with Google Play crashing, products going in and out of stock by the minute, and delays quickly exceeding 3-4 weeks and beyond. With the Nexus 5 both Google and LG are much more prepared, had a smooth launch and order process, and apparently have already started shipping orders out.

Have you received confirmation that your Nexus 5 has shipped? So far all reports thus far have been the 16GB model, but hopefully the 32GB is headed out at the same time. Now we’re just wondering where that rumored Nexus 10 is.



  1. Alessandro

    10/31/2013 at 7:55 pm

    Time to edit your article. Looks like another Nexus 4 issue which is crazy. Current order waits are 3-4 weeks for most every model, minus the black 32gb which at the moment is 2-3 weeks. Luckily mine said by November 8th, but the moment I finished ordering the white 16gb sold out. Barely got it. Its really disappointing seeing the hype these phones got and the obvious issues in the past. You would have thought LG and Google would have come prepared. They are hurting their market and could be selling so many more phones. Just imagine all the people who waited all through October for the release of the Nexus 5 only to not get it for a month. I bet I would just settle for another android phone if I were in that situation. Lets hope the manufacturing process is quick and ongoing so they can rectify this.

    • wesley

      10/31/2013 at 9:18 pm

      Exactly how I feel. I ordered mine 30 mins after reveal and it said “ships in 1-2 business days” and I paid for 2 day shipping. I haven’t received a shipping number and is “pending” and now when you order it’s 3-4 weeks so who knows when I’m getting mine..

      • Cory (@xguntherc)

        10/31/2013 at 11:38 pm

        You’ll get a notification tomorrow probably. I received mine “shipped” alert 6 hours apart. Ordered within seconds of each other. System catching up.

    • Nnyan

      11/02/2013 at 9:35 am

      Lets be reasonable, you have no idea how many phones were ordered, there are only so many ANY company will stock before launch. I remember the fact that I had to wait for my Galaxy S3 to come back into stock, my wife has waited weeks for just about every iPhone. Google has not made ANY promises about this phone, just b/c you have been waiting X months is not a reason you are entitled to anything (either is Hype). For the Nexus 4 the play store was crashing frequently (did not happen this time) and I don’t remember phones shipping out this quickly. Did stock sell out quickly? Sure but demand seems to be extremely high, and I know MOST of my tech friends that will be getting this phone are holding off until more cases and screen protectors come out b/c their phones go from box to case first thing.

      As to people going to get another phone, well sure that’s your option for anything. BUT I would gander a guess that the very large majority of people clamoring for the N5 at launch are not the average phone consumer. These guys will wait

      I don’t mean to come down on you but I really get irked by this entitlement/instant gratification attitude where people feel they deserve what they want when they want it and god forbid if they have to wait for anything.

  2. Android_Fanatic

    11/01/2013 at 2:49 pm

    LG Nexus 5 has got a huge round of applause from across the globe and large amount of pre orders have been recorded already.

  3. Karthik (@karthik132)

    11/01/2013 at 10:10 pm

    Our order has already shipped according to Google Play. The order was placed within 10 mins of launch. I think the early birds are the lucky ones whose devices have already started shipping

    • Jk

      11/02/2013 at 1:55 am

      Is yours 16gb?

  4. JC

    11/02/2013 at 8:50 am

    I ordered mine at 07:44, Alaska time, on the 1st. My order now shows “pending” and expected delivery is 2-3 weeks. :(

    • JC

      11/05/2013 at 9:21 pm

      Ok… so feeling quite a bit better than on Saturday. I had checked my order, it still showed pending, as of Monday morning Alaska time. Checked later in the afternoon, still no movement. I was resigned to just waiting for mine and reading the impressions and reviews of others who got theirs in just a couple of days.

      Today, November 5, I receive a confirmation email from Google, with a tracking number. I did pay for two-day delivery, but shows that it will be delivered on November 6 (overnight delivery). The receipt still shows 2-3 week delivery time, though… :P

      Here on the evening of the 5th, it has arrived in Anchorage and will be on the truck tomorrow! What a turn around, but more so, it points out an issue with supply chain not keeping up with demand and statusing… I am certainly not complaining and really pleased with this turn of events… The Qi is warmed up and awaiting arrival. :D

      • JC

        11/05/2013 at 9:22 pm

        BTW… this is a 32GB white model.

  5. Nnyan

    11/02/2013 at 9:23 am

    Got my shipping confirmation email at 1:54am, ordered about 8:11am (32GB black).

  6. aleks

    11/03/2013 at 1:16 pm

    Ordered it about 4 hours after the announcement, expected shipping was 3-4 weeks, then changed to 2-3 weeks, and now just received shipping confirmation :)

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