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Nexus 6 Cases Arrive on Google Play



Google’s recently announced but yet to be released Nexus 6 smartphone is available now for pre-order, and this morning Google’s added two brand new cases and accessories for the Nexus 6 to the Google Play Store.

The new Nexus 6 smartphone was announced back on October 15th and went up for pre-order at the end of the month, but since then we’ve yet to hear any details surrounding an actual Nexus 6 release date. However, once it does arrive a few case options should be available for those looking for some extra protection.

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Yesterday Google added more Nexus 6 stock to the Play Store, which sold out immediately, and this morning started selling the impressive new flagship smartphone themselves. That all said, buyers will want a case or cover to protect that massive 5.96-inch screen from scratches or drops, and Google’s released exactly that.


While not everyone wants a case or cover for their smartphone or tablet, something as big as the Nexus 6 with a 5.96-inch display may be worth protecting. Especially when many are shelling our $649 for Google’s impressive new flagship powerhouse smartphone.

In the past Google’s released accessories for Nexus devices, but they’re rarely available on the release date. A prime example is the four cases and folio keyboard cover for the Nexus 9. The tablet launched earlier this week yet the accessories are still listed as coming soon. That being said, with a few weeks left before the Nexus 6 release date, these new accessories could arrive right in time.


Above is one of two new cases and accessories revealed today by Google for the Nexus 6 smartphone. This is a durable “naked tough case” that’s clear so it doesn’t hide the beautiful design, yet durable enough to handle drops and abuse. It features a dual-layer hard shell for protection, and then a bumper around the ring to keep your phone safe. Here’s the details right from Google.

The minimalist design has an impact resistant hard shell and a coordinating bumper that protects your Nexus 6 against impacts and falls. The integrated stand makes landscape viewing easy.

That isn’t all either. It also has a kickstand to prop up the nearly 6-inch phone for some Netflix or YouTube video playback. It’s a nice addition and coming soon for $35, although you’ll likely find cheaper options on Amazon soon from 3rd party manufacturers.

Next up is another option, which is made by the well known company Case-Mate. This is a Nexus 6 folio case, kickstand, and wallet case for the new handset. It features two integrated credit card or cash slots, a microfiber lining to protect the screen, and is finished off with what looks to be a black leather, but the material isn’t confirmed. It will be pricy at $40, but also doubles as a kickstand as well for those interested.

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 11.21.21 AM

So far Google’s only listed the clear hard case and the black folio case, with no other options or colors. They’re priced rather high, and hopefully will be available whenever the Nexus 6 is finally released.

We’ve seen a lot of Nexus accessories appear but not be available to buy for weeks, if not months, and hopefully this time around things will be different. We’ll update once we know more, or as more Nexus 6 cases and Nexus 6 accessories become available.

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