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Nexus 6 Pre-Orders Arriving Early for Some



Last week we received good news that the Nexus 6 was shipping out early for those who pre-ordered Google’s brand new smartphone, but we later learned arrival dates were still expected to be November 19th. However, we have better news today as multiple readers have confirmed they’ve received it this morning.

There was never any official Nexus 6 release date, as Google is allowing each of the five major carriers to release the new flagship smartphone throughout the month, your first chance was last week from Sprint. Those who pre-ordered from the Google Play Store or Motorola had estimated ship or arrival dates of November 19th and 21st, but they’re coming early.

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After the October 15th announcement pre-orders went live from Google on October 29th, and a few days later from but those all had late November shipping times. Those estimates were all wrong, and Google’s getting more inventory in, and shipments have started arriving today. Read on for more details.


Overall the Nexus 6 release date has been a mess, sort of. Pre-orders sold out in around 2-3 minutes, orders were gone in a few hours, and each Wednesday a few have shown up in stock and are quickly purchased from eager buyers.

Add in the T-Mobile November 12th release date, the first date from any carrier, which was delayed, and the Nexus 6 release has been somewhat rocky. Things are starting to settle in now though, and buyers will be happy to see the Nexus 6 on their front steps as soon as this morning, or tomorrow, well ahead of the November 21st arrival estimate originally supplied.

It’s worth mentioning that these are orders, and not those from the Google Play Store. While we confirmed Play Store orders were charged Friday and some received shipping notices, most of those buyers won’t be getting the Nexus 6 until tomorrow or sometime later this week.


If you placed an order through, even a later one, you may want to head into your email and check the UPS tracking number as you may have a tasty 5.9-inch Android 5.0 Lollipop surprise coming today or tomorrow.

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Orders on Motorola and from Google Play are actually shipping direct from China to your front door, so the wait times could vary and delays are a possibility. We also received at least one tip that a user received his Nexus 6 today, even with no warning or confirmation emails from Motorola. Good news all around for those who ordered, so keep an eye out.

It’s also worth mentioning that AT&T pre-orders should start shipping tomorrow, November 18th, at least according to the initial pre-order page on AT& before it sold out. We’ll keep users posted on all things the Nexus 6, and let us know in the comment section below if yours arrived today too.

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