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NFL Emojis Keyboard: Essential Fantasy Football Trash Talk Tool



Do you love Fantasy Football? As we dive deeper into the season friendships are tested and rivalries go a little deeper. That’s why you need to download the free NFL emoji keyboard to your iPhone so that you can send NFL emojis and gifs to your friends over iMessage or Chat.

SportsManias released a new app today that includes NFL Emojis from Odell Beckham Junior, Andrew Luck, Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, Johnny Manziel and other players that you can send to friends in iMessage, on Facebook and in other apps.

Here’s how you can dominate trash talk in your Fantasy Football league and add NFL emoji and gifs to your conversations on the iPhone.

Get ready for Thursday Night Football and the next week of your Fantasy Football league with more trash talk.

First off you will need the SportsManias app. This is a free app that delivers information about your favorite teams and now there is a SportsManias keyboard with emojis, gifs and memes that you can share with two taps from the keyboard.

To use this app, you need to download the SportsManias app from the App Store.

Send NFL emoji to taunt friends in Fantasy Football.

Send NFL emoji to taunt friends in Fantasy Football.

Once you download it you can go to Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Keyboards -> Add New Keyboard -> SportsManias Emojis. You may need to also tap on the keyboard and allow full access if you run into issues.

Once you do this you can go to an app like Messages, tap on the globe icon and then on ABC to switch to it or long press on the globe to directly switch to the SportsManias NFL emojis.

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When you are in an app, you can tap on the NFL emoji you want to send and it will copy the picture. Tap in the text box to paste it. These are not emoji like the normal iPhone keyboard. Instead they are images that you are sending as a photo to the recipient.

You can switch between emoji, memes and gifs that all send the same, just like a photo. Once the iOS 9.1 release arrives you can even add in a middle finger.

You can send these to someone with an Android device or even in Facebook Messenger, but they work best in texts where they are sized perfectly.


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