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NFL Now Will Be Great For NFL Fans, Even on Mobile



This week the National Football League (NFL) announced plans to deliver a brand new NFL gameday experience to fans everywhere like never before. Finally embracing the digital age and taking mobile seriously, we’ll soon have a brand new NFL Now app for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

NFL Now is for more than mobile devices, and is essentially a personalized network by the fans, for the fans. Allowing users to create essentially their own channel full of all the latest NFL news, scores, highlights, analysis and more of their team, and stream it on any screen they’d like. From Android and iOS smartphones, tablets, laptops, XBox, and connected TV’s NFL Now will be everywhere. And it’s about time.

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As an avid NFL fan (Go Pack Go) it’s been quite sad watching the MLB offer excellent options for fans to watch games and their favorite team with ease, all while the NFL sits back and barely offers anything. Aside from DirecTV having the Sunday Ticket and NFL Mobile only being worthwhile for Verizon customers, things needed to change.

NFL Now will be exactly that, for the most part. Although watching the game you’d like, on any screen, is still something we won’t get. That’s just wishful thinking. Here’s what we can expect right from the NFL news release itself.

Available across Internet-connected devices, NFL Now will be personalized for each fan’s interests, allowing them to follow the NFL how they want, where they want, when they want. Users will indicate their favorite team, fantasy players and which videos they like and dislike. The content stream will dynamically personalize each user’s viewing experience to deliver a customizable news, analysis and highlights offering for NFL fans around the world.

Sounds great right? It’s like the NFL is finally embracing mobile devices considering millions and millions of users in the US and around the world all have one. We have fast 4G LTE and WiFi connections, let us stream the games. However, while this new NFL Now service will be nice, and even offer “instant live highlights” it doesn’t appear to stream actual full games live. That will still be left to DirecTV, and in the US it will be, as usual, available to Verizon customers only with NFL Mobile.

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However, there is hope for us smartphone-wielding fans that want to watch the game live from our smartphone or tablet. NFL Now Plus will also be available providing access to premium content for a monthly fee. If this “premium content” lets me watch my Green Bay Packers from my phone or connected device in Las Vegas, then we’re talking, but that’s doubtful.

Even without full streaming capabilities or getting rid of blackouts, which won’t happen, this is an excellent step for the NFL and its fans. We can expect this to be the best platform moving forward, and it will only get better. The NFL confirmed this all-new NFL Now system will be up and running soon, and we can expect NFL Now to launch for all major platforms before the start of the 2014 NFL season.



  1. Martin J Thorp

    02/01/2014 at 2:12 pm

    it seems that MansCaveFootball website works with HD also, i’ll give a try.

  2. Holud Pori

    06/29/2015 at 4:48 am

    hy the hell cant USA viewers get live streams? I like NFL Redzone. I like NFL Network and this country made the NFL what it is today. >>>

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