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Nikon D4s Sample Images Appear in the Wild from 2014 Olympics



The Nikon D4s release is missing, but for photographers that want to see what the Nikon D4s sample images look like, they only need to look at the Sochi 2014 Olympics where several USA Today Photographers are using the new Nikon D4s to take photos of the 2014 Winter Olympic games.

Two photos showing the Nikon D4s in Sochi arrived last week, and a collection of Nikon D4s sample photos are available on the USA Today website of brightly lit figure skating action scenes and of a low light Sochi Opening Ceremony scene.

Rumors suggest the Nikon D4s release date and price are due to be announced this week, and B&H Photo already lists the Nikon D4s, though without any current price or release details. Rumors suggest the Nikon D4s price is just under $6,000, the same as the Nikon D4.

Olympic Photographer Robert Hanashiro shared a photo of his gear bag for the 2014 Olympic Speed skating competition. The photo shown above includes a Nikon D4s on the right with a Nikon Professional Services strap attached. On his blog Hanashiro stated that he was packing three Nikon D4 camera bodies and, “picking up another camera from Nikon Professional Services after I arrived in Sochi.”

From the looks of it, Nikon handed Hanashiro a Nikon D4s which he used to take a stunning photo of the Sochi opening ceremony in low light. You can see the 11.8 MP image on USA Today  and the Exif data lists the camera as Nikon D4s with a 2,809 x 4,213 resolution, taken with a 550mm lens with a 25600 ISO, f/5.6 aperture and 1/125th second shutter speed.

Nikon D4s sample images appear at the 2014 Olympics in Sochi.

Nikon D4s sample images appear at the 2014 Olympics in Sochi.

Nikon Rumors also received a tip of the Nikon D4s in Sochi at a Nikon field office and uncovered a collection of additional Nikon D4s sample images taken at the 2014 Olympics by Richard Mackson and Robert Deutsch, both of USA Today. The images represent a range of ISO, exposure and lens combinations and are a first look at what the Nikon D4s is capable of.

Between Nikon Rumors and Camera Egg here are links to seven Nikon D4s sample images, many at near full resolution so you can see the capabilities and what a 100% crop of the photo can reveal in terms of capturing details. These are real world Nikon D4s sample images taken in the wild that offer a look at what it is capable of. These Nikon D4s sample images are a much better representation of what it can do compared to the images Nikon will likely share at the announcement.

Click the links to see the full resolution Nikon D4s sample images on USA Today and stay tuned for more on the Nikon D4s.

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