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Nintendo 2DS to Bring Lower Cost Nintendo 2DS To Gamers Everywhere



It seems Nintendo isn’t comfortable with just sitting back and allowing smartphones and cheaper gaming options to move in on its mobile console gaming territory. This fall the company will be striking back with the Nintendo 2DS: a cheaper device for the low-end gaming market.

While the company hasn’t posted an official announcement on the gaming console on its website. Polygon, has somehow managed to get hold of all the information those thinking about picking up the Nintendo 2DS might need to know. Reportedly, the device will sell for just $129.99 when it debuts in North America on October 12.

As its name suggests, The Nintendo 2DS, will allow users to enjoy the same games as the Nintendo 3DS console, just without any simulated 3D effects. While Nintendo hasn’t yet commented on why it choose to drop the 3D technology, it’s likely that doing so was simply a concession to reach the lower price. Currently, the Nintendo 3DS is priced at $169.99, possibly putting it just out of the “impulse buy” range that the mobile gaming market heavily relies on now to boost sales.

The Nintendo 2DS.

The Nintendo 2DS.

The most striking difference between the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 2DS might be its somewhat unorthodox design. Instead of the clamshell design that Nintendo has relied on since introducing the Gameboy Advance SP, the Nintendo 2DS is one single piece of plastic with a larger and smaller screen. If that wasn’t enough, its design heavily resembles a wooden wedge that might be used as a door stop.

It doesn’t seem that the company has made any changes to the device‘s controls. The Nintendo 2DS will hang on to the touch screen, directional pad and thumb control previously seen in the 3DS.

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News of the Nintendo 2DS comes just days after rival Sony announced that it would be cutting the price of its PlayStation Vita mobile console by $50. Both console price cuts are likely in response to the changing fortunes of mobile gaming. While mobile gaming consoles continue to offer a better gaming experience for users, smartphones like the iPhone now bring in nearly twice what dedicated mobile gaming consoles earn in one quarter.

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1 Comment

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