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6 Nintendo Super Mario Run Tips and Tricks



When video game console maker and developer Nintendo said that it was going to move into mobile gaming in a big way, the company wasn’t kidding. Social networking app Miitomo arrived early this year. Pokémon GO, a franchise of which Nintendo is part owner and creator, skyrocketed to the top of iTunes App Store sales charts. Now comes the company’s last big-name title of the year, Super Mario Run. If you’re planning to play the game, you’re going to need these Super Mario Run tips and tricks.

Super Mario Run is unlike any Nintendo game you might have played before. It looks and sounds like traditional games in the platforming franchise, including the same enemy types, sound effects and hero. Super Mario Run tips are required reading because this game is an endless runner that’s also a platformer. Instead of having complete control over Mario, he continues to bolt across the screen as players progress through each of the levels. The core of the gameplay involves getting the right taps and jumps in to make Mario get as many coins as possible.

What you need to know about the Super Mario Run Android release date.

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Here are some Super Mario Run tips and tricks to get you started with Nintendo’s new, and perhaps biggest game release on iPhone to date.

Super Mario Run Tips and Tricks: Collect the Challenge Coins

When you see a purple coin floating in the air, it’s a Challenge Coin. It’s there to encourage you to try new techniques and tricks. Challenge Coins are scattered throughout each level, and you can track your progress collecting them in the top-right corner of your screen.

Super Mario Run Tips and Tricks: Tap to Fight


Endless runner games don’t give you the option to stop and enjoy the scenery. The character is always moving quickly. It’s your job to help them avoid obstacles and collect as many Coins as possible.

Super Mario Run levels have enemies, just like the older games but Mario will avoid them on his own. By tapping at the right time, you take these enemies on directly. He’ll, back flip and stomp on anything in front of him or hit boxes suspended in the air to get more coins and power-ups.

In a way, tap to fight takes the best of endless runners and the classic franchise and mixes them into one. Because the combat dynamic is so simple, you can operate the game with just one hand on iPhone.

Super Mario Run Tips and Tricks: Use the Environment


Blocks litter the levels of Super Mario Run. Some will allow your Mario to stay in one place and avoid something dangerous. Other times, the blocks serve as a way to navigate an area. Either way, you want to keep a look out for them because it might be incredibly difficult to make it through levels without them – if it’s even possible at all.

Remember, you have a certain amount of time to make it through a level. At any time, you can tap the pause button in the top-left corner of your screen to give you some time to think about what your next move might be or finish up later.

Super Mario Run Tips and Tricks: Cause a Coin Rush for More Coins in Toad Rally


Toad Rally, is Super Mario Run’s version of online multiplayer. It’s still your job to make it to the end of each level, but you’ll want to collect as many coins as possible on the way. Once your special meter is full, you can initiate a Coin Rush. The game will begin dropping Coins just about everywhere on the game map.

You’ll need as many Coins as possible to win Toad Rally, though you’ll also need to accumulate something else in the mode too.

Super Mario Run Tips and Tricks: Be Stylish in Toad Rally to Impress More Toads


That something else is Toads. The game mode is called Toad Rally because doing impressive moves to collect coins and reach the end of the game mode impresses the Toads. The end-game screen shows who managed to impress the most Toads with their style of gameplay. This puts technique somewhat at the center of what would other wise be a race just to collect more Coins.

It’s not just how many Coins you have in Super Mario Run Toad Rally. It’s also about how you managed to get them.

Super Mario Run tips and Tricks: For More Challenges and Characters, Use Coins in the Store


In Super Mario Run, you’re in control of your very own Kingdom, of which you can add to. The usual cosmetic add-ons for any game of this type are around. There’s rainbows to add and flowers to place. Where things get interesting are the buildings. You can drop a building in your Kingdom to unlock a bonus game, or use a building to add new character’s to play as.

Adding to your Kingdom is how you get access to Luigi, Toad and Yoshi. Each has a unique play style that Mario doesn’t offer.

Every building that you add to your Kingdom costs Coins.

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Good luck with Super Mario Run. The game is available in the iTunes App Store for iPhone and iPad now. The most complete experience costs $9.99, but anyone can download the game for free.

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1 Comment

  1. Kim Volkmar

    04/24/2017 at 10:26 pm

    After playing the free download, I had problems with the sound. Got that fixed. Paid for and downloaded full version THEN I was told I had to UPDATE. Went to App Store but was only presented with an Open command. Will not let me update or open now.

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