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Google Maps for iPhone Isn’t in the Works



Those looking for relief from Apple’s new iOS 6 Maps application shouldn’t be waiting for a Google Maps application to arrive in the App Store at any point in the near future as Google’s Executive Chairman, Eric Schmidt, says that they don’t have an application ready to go.

According to Reuters, Schmidt made it clear that Google does not have a Google Maps application for iOS in the works, an application that many iPhone owners have been craving ever since iOS 6 replaced Google Maps with Apple’s buggy new Maps application.

He claims that the decision to replace Google Maps in iOS 6 was entirely Apple’s and that he believes it would have been better if the company would have stuck with Google Maps over the new software.

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For now, the web is the only way to get Google Maps on the iPhone.

Schmidt says that any decision about whether or not a standalone Google Maps application would be approved for the App Store would be Apple’s and Apple’s alone.

However, it’s clear that Google doesn’t have anything coming soon as he states that Google hasn’t “done anything yet.”

With iOS 6, Google Maps, which had been the native Maps application on the iPhone and iPad, has been replaced by Apple’s new Maps application which has come under scrutiny from critics and users alike for the amount of bugs and its lack of features that became common place with Google’s application.

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Unlike Google Maps, Apple’s Maps application does not contain native directions for public transit, bike routes or a full-fledged street view. Additionally, users have been finding tons of bugs ranging from mislabeled locations to issues with the Maps 3D feature.

In fact, the issues got so bad that they spawned their own Tumblr account where user submitted images showcase the blunders found in Apple’s new Maps service.

Apple, for its part, has promised to improve the application over time though it hasn’t said when it will make the improvements. For now, iPhone and iPad users are stuck with Apple’s Maps, or third-party apps like Garmin, which just updated its apps with Street View and transit directions.

iDevice owners can also use Google Maps through their browser.



  1. Steve Lloyd

    09/25/2012 at 1:39 pm

    Hahahahha. Google maps on my Galaxy S3 is awesome.

  2. Qeuix

    09/25/2012 at 2:21 pm

    Mapquest works well too and its free! :D

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