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No iPhone 3G and AT&T Love In My House



Iphone-sadCall me disappointed. After a crazy few weeks running up to re-opening the Wayside Theatre after some massive renovations, I was very much looking forward to a day off on Monday for a variety of reasons, including sleep as the top priority. Since Apple chose to release the new iPhone 3G on our opening weekend, I had pretty much shoved following any of the hoopla and hype aside these last few weeks and was planning to head to the local AT&T store on my precious day off to finally take the plunge.

When I got to the AT&T store I was greeted warmly until I told them what I wanted and was given the news that they were sold out. Apparently our local store only received 30 units to sell on the big day and were sold out after about an hour or so on release day. I asked when they would be getting more stock and the answer was that they didn’t know but that customers who purchased through AT&T’s fulfillment plan would get them first. From the attitude and non-verbal communication going on I got a strong sense that these employees were quite well over having to say this repeatedly. I was also told that many AT&T stores got similarly small allotments but that Apple had more than enough at the Apple stores. Although this morning I see reports that the phone is sold out in 21 states and those same reports are confirming that AT&T is having stock issues. Supposedly you’re to check back after 9pm the night before you head to a store to make a purchase to see if there is availability. I got news. I’m not that hungry to buy one of these things. And the other recommendation is to get there early. Give me a break.

The closest Apple Store is at least an hour’s drive from here (with no traffic) and I’m just not up to making that trip right now, or tacking on the cost of gas to the purchase price. It does make me doubt all those reports of selling 1 million phones on launch day though, if that many AT&T stores had so little inventory.

We’ll have to see if AT&T and Apple really want me as an iPhone 3G customer here shortly. 

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