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No iPhone 4S Means Unhappy Holidays for T-Mobile



The customer defections continue for T-Mobile as the carrier has just released its third quarter earnings report stating that while it has added 126,000 net customers during the quarter, it has lost 186,000 net contract customers. This comes after an abysmal second quarter when T-Mobile reported that it had lost a grand total  of 281,000 contract customers.

Unfortunately, the slide will likely continue into the fourth quarter which will end at the conclusion of the month of December. T-Mobile itself has warned that it will likely see another steep drop in customers because of the iPhone 4S.

As it stands, T-Mobile is the only major U.S. service provider that lacks an iPhone now that Sprint finally has it. And with the holiday shopping season about to be in full swing, T-Mobile is about to feel the lack of an iPhone more than ever.

iPhone 4S

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T-Mobile did however see an increase in service revenue as it reported $4.67 billion which is a 1 percent improvement over what the company pulled in during Q3 of this year.

Total revenue for the quarter was $5.2 billion which is a slight increase from the $5.1 it made last quarter.



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