No Surprise: Verizon Heading to Capped Data Plans

Tell me you didn’t see this coming. Verizon is reported to be moving to capping its data services. This of course follows with what AT&T did after it realized its failed network can’t handle the data traffic that it advertises. These companies love to tell us how great their networks are but then play poor poor pitiful Pearl when problems arise, because they can’t handle the traffic, or they see gold in them thar pipes. I’m guessing with all those Droids coming into play, Verizon is getting a little worried and also a little greedy.

I’m always reminded that as much as we hear all this wonderful talk about mobile this and mobile that, with video and audio and streaming this and streaming that, there are these few folks who control the dam up river that can keep us all from grazing in bountiful fields when they want to.

But then that’s the way of the world.