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NOAA Weather Radio for iOS Will Certainly Keep You Alert



Most of us should know the sound. We hear it on our TVs or radios prior to a weather or alert or test of the emergency system. I’d insert an audio file of the sound but we all know it is obnoxious.

But that’s a good thing. Because if there is an alert or emergency you want to know about it. I’ve been trying out an iOS App called NOAA Weather Radio There are versions for the iPhone and the iPad. Currently the iPhone versions is priced at $1.00 and the iPad versions is priced at a whopping $0.00. Both contain the same info although the iPad version certainly has more screen real estate for maps and radar.

We’re supposed to get some snow tonight in our area(curiously after a spate of really warm early December weather) and my iPhone 4S has been issuing emergency beeps from my shirt pocket that are loud enough to startle meeting participants as well as myself.

The App works very well. You can choose your state and location (many have multiple stations to choose from) and if NOAA issues and alert you’ll know about it. You can limit you alerts by location as well. And this is a plus. My location wasn’t automatically included. But the developers of the App are very responsive to requests via email and added it within a few hours. You can set Push on or off and there’s even a function for setting quiet time if you want to do so.

I haven’t experienced many alerts since given the App a try but then our weather has been relatively tranquil of late. But as of today with some minor snowfall expected I’m well aware of what’s going on.

We used to have a weather radio in our kitchen until it died during our move this year. We don’t need one anymore now that I have this App. If you live in an area where severe weather is a threat, this might come in handy.

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