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Nokia 808 PureView Launch Delayed in UK?



It looks like the launch of the Nokia 808 PureView has been delayed in the United Kingdom.

According to MyNokiaBlog, the Nokia 808 PureView, which sports a massive 41-megapixel camera, has been delayed until mid-July in the UK. This is according to retailer Clove UK who apparently won’t be fulfilling pre-orders until that time.

Originally, the phone had been slated to launch in May but had been delayed until June. Now it looks like it won’t be hitting shelves until July.

It’s unclear whether this delay is only affecting Clove stock only. It’s possible that other carriers and retailers might be offering the device before mid-July but at this point, it’s not looking good.

The Nokia 808 PureView was first announced at Mobile World Congress back in February and it was one of the more interesting announcements at the conference.

That’s because the device boasts a 41-megapixel camera that is capable of taking some extremely good photos. An example of the camera’s power can be seen in the photo below.

Other than the camera, the phone doesn’t have much to offer. It has a bulky design due to the large camera sensor and offers some mediocre specs including a single core, 1.3GHz processor, 16GB of built-in storage, a microSD slot that can take up to a 32GB microSD card, a 1,440 mAh battery, and 512MB of RAM.

It also comes with Symbian as its operating system.

Originally, Nokia said that it wasn’t going to come to the U.S. but the company went back on that and confirmed that it will indeed be headed to the U.S., unlocked, in the future.

Nokia is also expected to pack the powerful PureView technology into a Windows Phone sometime in the months ahead.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Johan

    06/01/2012 at 4:48 am

    “Other than the camera, the phone doesn’t have much to offer.”

    The 808 PureView has lots to offer besides the camera. Proper AMOLED ClearBlackDisplay (Resolution could be a bit better though), 16+32GB storage (thats alot), proper Bluetooth functions, proper NFC, HDMI-out, FM-transmitter, really good and free SatNav software.

    1.3 GHz processor for an OS that’s running smoothly on 680MHz. 512MB of RAM on an OS running smooth on 256MB.
    Just FYI. The predecessor, the N8, with 256MB of RAM has ~120MB free RAM after bootup. In comparison my colleagues brand new HTC One X has 1GB of RAM and had about 270MB free RAM after boot. Now I haven’t seen how the 808 PureView will fare but 512MB of RAM is anything but a “mediocre spec” when considering the N8 and the OS. It’s how much is left over for 3rd party apps that matters and yes, Symbian has GOOD multitasking to put that extra RAM to use by 3rd party apps!

    This phone has great specs other than 4 aspects:
    1. Screen resolution could be a bit better. The AMOLED screen still looks great with the CBD technology though.
    2. It probably will feel bulky in your pocket.
    3. It doesn’t support LTE speeds. (Personally 3G is fast enough for me but lack of LTE will surely bother some people)
    4. Nokia store does have alot of apps (about as many as Windows Phone), but:
    4.1. Some of the big hits (found on iOS/Android) are missing.
    4.2. There aren’t that many US specific apps due to Symbian not being popular in the US.

    Still regarding apps. If the apps that matter to you personally (i.e. Angry Birds, Gravity, Opera Mobile, Skype) are present on Symbian, then does it matter if there are 100,000 or 600,000 apps in the store? It’s what you actually use that matters!
    The only app I personally miss on Symbian is “Drawit” as a friend of mine plays it on his iPhone. But I’ve got a good Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn/Skype/Podcasting/TV-service/Tethering/and more… -client and a couple of really good games, so I’ll manage. I will pick the better camera in my phone over a specific app in the store anyday!

    Anyhow, everybody can make up their own minds and have their own thoughts on the subject. Just wanted to give another perspective on this already rather subjective article.

    …and I don’t want to start any iOS vs. Android vs. Symbian vs. Windows Phone vs. etc. fight! Those are all good OS’s in their own way, all with pros and cons.

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