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Nokia Amber Update Finally Hits The U.S. Lumia 920 and More



It may have taken longer than users would have liked by carriers in the United States are almost unilaterally beginning to deploy the Amber Update for Nokia’s line of Windows Phone 8 devices.

Nokia itself announced that users can expect to get the update notification on their Nokia Conversations blog today. From today on, the update will roll out in waves to users of the Lumia 920, Lumia 820 Lumia 521, Lumia 822, Lumia 810, and the Lumia 928 in the United States.

International users who have a Lumia 520, Lumia 620 and a Lumia 720 will Lumia 820, or Lumia 920 will receive the update to Nokia Amber by the end of September.

Nokia Lumia 920

Users of the Nokia Lumia 920 can expect the Amber Update before the end of September.

Nokia first detailed the Amber Update when it announced the Lumia 925. The update incorporates a huge amount of changes in the Windows Phone user experience including an updated Storage Check utility, updates for all exclusive Nokia applications, the option for users to flip their devices on over to silence them and the ability to double tap a Lumia screen to wake the device. Nokia is also giving most of its Windows Phone 8 users the ability to have their screen show the current time and some notifications even when it’s locked.

This update will bring versions of the Nokia Pro Camera application to Nokia Windows Phones besides the Lumia 1020. With the app users are able to control their camera’s exposure time, white balance and ISO setting. Nokia is even adding a few new apps to its collection including Nokia Video Trimmer, an application that allows Lumia users to capture video and edit it directly on their device, and Nokia Video Upload, and application that’ll finally bring officially sanctioned video uploads to YouTube.

All of these updates will be exclusive to Lumia Windows Phone users, however the Amber Update is built on-top of the latest version of Windows Phone. That means users can expect to get all of the features of the Windows Phone GDR2 update. Those features include the ability to select a default camera lens, Xbox Music improvements and support for built-in FM radio.

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Reports of the rollout on Twitter have indicated that users on T-Mobile and Verizon are already getting the update. Sprint doesn’t offer any Nokia Lumia devices.

For their part, AT&T users don’t seem to be getting the update just yet but it’s likely the roll-out will begin on that network sometime soon.



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