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Nokia Astound TV Commercial Entertains, but Light on Details



Nokia is running a national TV commercial promoting the Astound phone. It’s certainly one of the more creative smartphone ads I’ve seen recently and I think it’ll draw a lot of people in to learn more about the Nokia Astound, a device that’s available from T-Mobile.

The Nokia ad is set to a modern rendition of Dont’ Fence Me In. A montage of popular web videos, movie clips and video games interact with each other across several Astound displays.

While the Nokia Astound commercial is entertaining, it doesn’t do much in terms of differentiating the device from the competition or even explaining what the phone can do. It’s pretty much taken for granted these days that phones can play videos and be loaded up with games like Angry Birds.  It’d be very easy to confuse the Nokia Astound with an Android device or even a Windows Phone.

For those looking for more info about the Nokia Astound, you can visit the product page here.

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