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Nokia Attacks the iPhone With “Smartphone Beta Test” Ads



The smartphone market is no stranger to vendors taking shots at one another. Samsung recently took a number of shots at Apple with its “Samsunged” ads. To mark its re-entry into the US high-end market, Nokia launched new ads that also attack Apple’s iPhone.

In its new ads Nokia calls out the iPhone as a “beta smartphone.” The ads are a series of faux hidden camera videos that show Apple employees discussing issues with the iPhone. In the ads Nokia takes shots at the antennagate issue with the iPhone 4, screens that aren’t very visible in sunlight, and general fragility.

All of the ads have one employee bringing up the issues with the other two mocking him for thinking the  problems are real problems. As we see it, the idea behind the ads is painting Apple as a company of elitists who laugh at user complaints while portraying the iPhone as a “borderline defective, glorified prototype.”

The website for the ads make no mention of Apple, Nokia, or any other company. However, the pixelated phone in the ads is obviously an iPhone, and the top left corner of the website seems to have a Nokia logo covered in black marker.

Right now the website simply has the three ads, a video of 30 Rock’s Chris Parnell looking rather bored, and a countdown clock. The clock will reach zero on April 6, two days before the Lumia 900 comes to AT&T. When it does we can only assume that Dr. Leo Spaceman will actually say something and Nokia will start pushing the Lumia 900 as the alternative to the “beta smartphone.”



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