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Nokia Could be Casually Teasing the Lumia Icon in This New Video



Potential buyers of Nokia’s Lumia Windows Phones could be in for a bit more choice soon. After months without formally teasing any new handsets Nokia has posted a new teaser for an upcoming Windows Phone device.

The new teaser trailer made its way to Nokia’s YouTube page earlier today. Instead of showing off corners of the device or even giving users a small glimpse of what’s coming, Nokia opted for a more subtle approach.

The video only features a black background on which text is super-imposed. The text asks users if they’ve “heard what’s coming?” It then invites them to “See and hear what [they’ve] been missing.” An audio track during the video sounds an awful lot like a car taking off from a complete stop, though since it’s not shown during the video there’s no way to be sure. The teaser closes with just a Nokia logo and the Windows Phone logo.

Nokia 2-7 Teaser

Interestingly enough, there hasn’t been much talk about new Windows Phone devices. In fact, the only new Nokia Windows Phone devices to have leaked in the last few months are the Nokia Lumia Icon/Lumia 929 and the Nokia Normandy entry-level handset. Both phones have been completely leaked Thanks to those leaks we can say that it’s likely that Nokia is hinting at a release for the Lumia Icon.

Nokia’s teaser invites users to see and hear what they’ve been missing. That could be interpreted as a hint about the Lumia Icon’s 20 megapixel rear-facing camera. The engine heard in the teaser could hint at the Lumia Icon’s aggressively modern specifications. A Verizon leak last month pointed to the device being the first normal-sized Windows Phone flagship with 2GB of RAM and a Quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor for running apps and games. Though the Lumia 1520 features those specifications now, it’s serves a slightly different market thanks to its 6-inch display.

The teaser’s references to hear what’s coming could also point to new stereo microphone functionality for the Lumia Icon. Though video quality has steadily improved over the years, audio recorded with smartphones tends to be shaky at best. Presumably, the company could pull it off with the new directional microphone technology it detailed in a post about the Lumia 1520.

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The Lumia Icon’s rumored timetable also fits. Reports in late January pegged the Lumia Icon for a release on February 5th on Verizon. February 5th has come and gone but if Nokia has plans to announce the device it’ll likely so sometime before it has to share the stage with new devices from Samsung and others at this year’s Mobile World Congress. That event kicks off in Barcelona, Spain on February 24th.

It’s also possible that Nokia will use Mobile World Congress to launch the Lumia Icon. Nokia did sent out invites for an event during Mobile World Congress on February 24th.



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