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Nokia Details The Making of The 808 PureView



A new Nokia video details the Nokia 808 PureView’s  journey from conception to the final product. Nokia spent five years developing the phone  before unveiling it at Mobile Word Congress this year.

The Nokia 808 PureView is Nokia’s latest Symbian smartphone with a gigantic 41MP camera. The images we’ve seen from the phone are impressive, as is the below video that Nokia shot entirely on the 808 PureView. The phone uses technology similar to the technology used in satellite imaging to make beautiful 5MP images from the 41MP sensor.

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According to the video, the idea for the 808 PureView started as a drawing on a napkin in a restaurant in Tokyo. Over the next few years more than 400 people worked on the device. The video shows the early prototypes for the phone and its progression all the way up to the finished product as it films the video.

There’s a possibility that the 808 PureView will make it to the U.S. sometime this year, but there’s no guarantee. If the phone does comes to the U.S., it will likely be as an unlocked device with no carrier branding.

According to the last rumors we heard, the 808 PureView was to go on sale in Europe sometime this month.

Apart from the incredible camera sensor there isn’t anything about the 808 PureView that’s particularly exciting. It’s a relatively uninteresting Symbian smartphone without the camera.

There is a possibility that Nokia will bring its PureView technology to Windows Phone, however. A Lumia phone with PureView would be nice, especially if the next version of Windows Phone lets Nokia use higher resolution displays and faster components.

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