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Nokia E6 BlackBerry Competitor Leaked with VGA Display?



Image only a rendering captured from GSM Arena; not the actual phone.

A leaked XML file and Picassa photo album confirms that Nokia may be working on a business-class E series smartphone that will run Symbian^3 and will pack in a VGA display called the E6 or E6-00. The company’s E-71 smartphone has been a popular handset due to its compact size and full QWERTY keyboard in a BlackBerry candybar-style form factor that lends itself to ease of one-hand usability.

The device is said to also come with an 8-megapixel camera with dual-LED flash, which would be on par with the anticipated E7 Slider.

In the past, Symbian^3 was limited to an nHD display resolution of 649 X 360 due to the OS only supporting this. Hopefully, with Nokia re-gaining control of Symbian development from the Symbian Foundation, the hardware-maker has figured out a way to overcome this limitation to support a full VGA 640 X 480 display. Nokia’s business candybar E-series with QWERTY, like the E-71, have in the past been limited to a paltry QVGA resolution. Despite a smaller screen, making the small resolution look considerably sharp still, when comparing specs, Nokia’s E series candybar QWERTYs look anemic compared to competitors such as BlackBerry with an HVGA display.

Via: GSM Arena


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