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Nokia Goes Luxe with Nokia Oro Gold Edition C7



Nokia, which already operates the luxury Vertu line that rivals high-end Swiss-made watches in price and craftsmanship, is creating a high-value Nokia C7 spin-off as the Nokia Oro. The Nokia C7, pegged as a flagship consumer Symbian^3 smartphone for its affordable price-tag and more modest fixed-focus camera than the flagship Nokia N8, will be gaining gold and leather trims, making it more of a luxury item than a phone for the masses.

In the past, phone manufacturers often created variants of popular phones with high-end metals and materials as a luxury item, and sometimes even partnered with designer clothing and fashion brands to create a statement. Nokia’s Oro is no different.

Targeting the Middle East and Russia, Nokia Russia says that they have a “large number of users who are looking for products with a build quality and superior materials that attest to their success and social standing.” New to the Nokia Oro from the C7 are 18-carat yellow gold trim, a sapphire crystal home button, and luxury leather back battery cover “from one of Scotland’s finest Caledonian herds.” Also new is a $1,100+ price tag for the handset when it is available in the third quarter in Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East, and China.

Additionally, the nice thing about the Oro is that you’ll get the luxury at a more affordable price than the Vertu line, and the handset will come with a smartphone operating system rather than the feature-phone OSes that come on the Vertu handsets.

From the packaging, it looks like the handset will also come packaged with a Nokia J-series Bluetooth earpiece.

Via: Nokia Conversations

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