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Nokia Joins Android with Three New Phones



This week Nokia has officially announced and launched its first Android-powered smartphone. Rumored for months as the Nokia Normandy and Nokia X, the brand new smartphone actually arrived with two siblings.

Surprising many today Nokia announced not one, but three brand new smartphones running a mash-up of Google’s Android operating system that’s completely changed to look and appear as if it’s a Microsoft Windows Phone product. Piled with Nokia’s own services, rather than Gmail and other Google Apps, these new phones are quite odd. We’re hearing they run Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, not to latest Android 4.4 KitKat.


As expected the main smartphone, available today, is the all-new Nokia X with a 4-inch display and rather low end specs. These new phones are aimed at budget and emerging markets, and will come at a wallet-friendly price. Sadly the screen isn’t HD, and the camera is only 3 MP, so clearly this isn’t even a mid-range smartphone. That said, the 89 Euros ($122) price tag could help sway potential customers.

While the phone runs Android, you’d never tell. Covered in a Windows Phone look with movable tiles, and the familiar windows services of Outlook, Skype, Skydrive, and even Nokia Maps. Replacing all of Google’s services these devices are as far from Android as possible, similar to the forked OS made by Amazon with the Kindle Fire lineup.

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Then, not to be outdone by big devices Nokia actually announced a trio of Android phones in the new Nokia X family. The X mentioned above, another 4-inch X+, and the large 5-inch Nokia XL smartphone. The Nokia X+ offers a micro-SD card for expanding storage, unlike the original X, and the bigger XL has the largest screen of the family, micro-SD support, and a better 5 megapixel rear camera.

The Nokia X is available today for 89 Euros ($122) and the other two phones should launch in March priced at 99 and 109 Euros. However, official UK and US pricing hasn’t been announced, but users can expect something similar to the wallet-friendly prices mentioned above.

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1 Comment

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