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Nokia Launching 41-Megapixel Lumia EOS PureView as Lumia 1020?



It looks like with the Nokia event quickly approaching in New York City, we’re learning more about the rumored Lumia EOS, which is widely speculated to debut at that venue. The PureView Windows Phone smartphone is speculated to carry a large sensor that’s capable of resolving 41 megapixels in image capture. According to famed Twitter leakster¬†@evleaks, the Lumia EOS may actually launch as the Nokia Lumia 1020, which would be considered a big upgrade from the current Lumia 920 series flagship range, which includes the Lumia 920, 925, and 928 models.


The phone would mark the first smartphone to have a four-digit model number from Nokia. The Finnish smartphone-maker had previously said that the higher the model number, the more features the phone will have. This means that the Lumia 1020 will represent the new flagship of the Lumia brand.

The main thing that sets the Lumia 1020 apart from the Lumia 920 is the camera. The former is expected to debut with a large sensor that can capture details with 41 megapixels while the latter is limited to an 8-megapixel sensor that’s more focused on low light photography without the need for artificial flash lighting and stabilized video captures. Nokia has been experimenting with various photography features through its PureView branding, and though the company had been a leader in camera phones it is now facing competition from Samsung.

Nokia had hinted about the 41-megapixel camera’s use as a loss-less zoom when digitally cropping images to zoom in. More recently, though, Samsung had announced a Galaxy S4 Zoom smartphone with a 16-megapixel sensor and 10X optical zoom.

We’ll have to wait until July 11th to get official confirmation from Nokia.

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