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Nokia Lumia 1520 Arrives at the FCC Ahead of Launch



Windows Phone users on AT&T won’t have long to decide if they’d like to pick up Nokia’s first phablet, if the Lumia 1520’s arrival at the FCC is any indication.

Documents depicting the Galaxy Note 3 and potential HTC One Max competitor surfaced this past weekend at the FCC. As described in the fillings according to PocketNow, Nokia submitted two forms of the Lumia 1520 for certification, one with wireless charging and one without it.

As for its internals, the LTE compatibility described in the documents points to the device heading to AT&T. While the documents seem to confirm most of the rumors about the Lumia 1520, it also slightly contradicts talk of the device’s 6-inch display.

According to these documents, the Lumia 1520 is 5.9-inches tall and 3.1-inches wide. In order for Nokia to fit a 6-inch display into that frame, the device would have to have one of the slimmest display bezels ever seen on a Nokia device.

Renders of the Lumia 1520 posted by Evleaks.

Renders of the Lumia 1520 posted by Evleaks.

Since the FCC filing doesn’t actually list the Lumia 1520 branding – it refers to both devices by their Nokia designed model numbers, RM-938 and RM-940 – it’s the belief of some outlets that these are actually two versions of the Lumia 929 destined for Verizon. However, its wireless radios don’t support that theory, neither do its dimensions. The Lumia 929 is expected to have a 5-inch display. If this was that device, it would either have a huge bezel around its display, or a bigger screen than originally thought.

The filing didn’t include any pictures of the device, however leaked photos of the Lumia 1520 posted by famed leaker EvLeaks gave us our first pictures of the device early last month.

Illustrations of the Lumia 1520 filed with the FCC.

Illustrations of the Lumia 1520 filed with the FCC.

In addition to being the world’s first large Windows Phone, the Lumia 1520 could take the crown as the Windows Phone with the second best camera. Rumors have pointed to the device having a 16 megapixel rear-facing camera. While that’s not enough to dethrone the Lumia 1020’s 41 megapixel camera, its large screen and rumored sensor could make it a winner consumers regardless.

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There’s still no definitive launch date for the Lumia 1520, however Nokia does have a public event scheduled for October 22nd. With today’s FCC filing hinting at an approaching launch, it’s likely that Nokia will that event to formally introduce the Lumia 1520 to the world.

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