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Nokia Lumia 635 Could Steal the Cheap Smartphone Crown From the Moto G



The Lumia 635, Nokia’s answer to low-cost Android devices like Motorola’s Moto G, is coming to the United States this summer.

Nokia announced the new low-end handset during Microsoft’s BUILD briefing earlier today. Just like the Lumia 520 before it, the Lumia 635 is tailor-made for users who’d rather avoid a two-year service agreement but want a smartphone with many of the same features as high-end devices.

The $189 Lumia 635 will include a quad-core processor and a 4.5-inch display that’ll feature on-screen navigation buttons. Nokia’s wrapping the entire device into a polycarbonate shell. Presumably, different colors will be available to users who purchase the Lumia 635 from different carriers.


Each Lumia 635 will include what Nokia is calling “SensorCore.” Essentially, Windows Phone 8.1 will be able to track user’s movements using the phone’s internal sensors. Today the company demonstrated fitness tracking through the Bing Health and Fitness app for Windows Phone. Developers will also be able to access the Lumia 635’s SensorCore functionality with their own apps.

T-Mobile says it has plans to make the Lumia 635 available to users on its network sometime this summer. With those features and a $189 price point the Lumia 635 is more than a match for the Moto G, the current reigning cheap smartphone champ. It doesn’t have LTE connectivity so users are stuck loading web pages and apps and games on their carrier’s 3G network.

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To be clear, the Lumia 635 is actually a local version of the Lumia 630 smartphone that Nokia plans on rolling out to users in Asia, Russia, China, India and Europe beginning in May. The two devices will feature the same hardware in every meaningful way except the Lumia 630 comes won’t come with LTE capabilities and will include an extra SIM card slot for buyers who have two different mobile accounts.

So far the Lumia 635 is the only smartphone with Windows Phone 8.1 included to be confirmed for the United States. Other Windows Phones will get the update, but there’s no exact time tablet on when it’ll arrive. Big features in the update include Cortana, a personal assistant that’ll even give the Moto G’s Google Now service some competition.

All told, Nokia seems poised for a comeback in the low-end smartphone race. It’s Lumia 520 was popular, but has since starting s



  1. android

    04/03/2014 at 12:02 am

    U mad bro??
    It’s a wp not android :P

  2. majorrockstar

    04/03/2014 at 12:36 pm

    This is not a match to any phone without the flash and it’s under powered. It’s just a bigger L520 with LTE. Not sure what market this phone this phone is designed for. Right now it’s more of an alternative for the L520 if you want a bigger screen. In fact I would say that this phone’s only competitor is the L520. What Nokia really needed to bring is a 4″ screen, 5mp camera with flash, LTE, 1gb ram, 8gb storage w/micro sd chip support, removable back cover w/wireless charging for $199. This phone confuses me.

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