Nokia Lumia 900 Data Connectivity Issues Plague Owners

The Nokia Lumia 900 is at the top of sales charts, but some owners are experiencing issues with data connectivity on the phone.

A bug in the Lumia 900 causes it to lose its data connection despite having the proper coverage.

Electronista reports users are taking to Nokia and WPCentral forums to discuss the issue. The users in each thread have found a solution to fix the data connectivity issue. Unfortunately the fix isn’t permanent, as the issues can come back later.

To fix the Nokia Lumia 900 data connectivity issues, users need to reset the phone, remove the SIM, boot the phone without a SIM, then shut it down and reboot with the SIM reinserted.

The process isn’t too complicated, but it does require users to input all of their account information again after booting the phone up.

Lumia 900

We had similar issues with our Nokia Lumia 900 review units, as did other reviewers like The Verge. As we understood the issue, it had to do with activating the review units on AT&T, and the issue wouldn’t affect retail units. A fix is coming, and it will hopefully solve the problem in both review and retail units.

As one of the first Windows Phones with 4G LTE a few bugs on the Lumia 900 aren’t surprising, but this one also extends to HSPA+ connectivity. We haven’t seen reports of similar issues on the HTC Titan II, which also has 4G LTE..

Unfortunately for Nokia this data issue directly contradicts it’s “Smartphone Beta Test” campaign. A 4G LTE smartphone that can’t connect to any data connection sounds like a beta smartphone, or at least as much of a “beta phone” as the iPhone 4.