Nokia Lumia 900 or HTC Titan II, Which Will You Buy? [Poll]
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Nokia Lumia 900 or HTC Titan II, Which Will You Buy? [Poll]



Now that we have a date and price for both of AT&T’s hot new Windows Phones, the HTC Titan II and the Nokia Lumia 900, which one are you leaning towards?

Both phones launch on April 8th and the Titan II will set you back $199.99 on contract, which is not a bad price at all, but the Nokia Lumia 900 will cost $99.99. Nokia is clearly firing a big warning shot at HTC with that move. I would be really interested in hearing reasoning from anyone that will pay the extra $100 for the HTC Titan II in the comment section. I love HTC, I feel like I watched them grow up, but money is money and sometimes you have to throw loyalty out the window. Unless HTC and AT&T come up with way to match the Lumia’s price, the HTC Titan II will see disappointing numbers. I wouldn’t count HTC out though, who knows what might happen. Which one am I going to get? Read on…

Hands-on Video

We were able to check out both phones at CES 2012 back in January. I personally got enough time with both of them to form a fairly good opinion of which one I liked most.

HTC Titan II

Nokia Lumia 900


Many of the specs are very similar, making them toss-up, but there are a few differences between them.


The Lumia 900 has a 4.3″ screen and the HTC Titan II has a 4.7″ screen. Depending on your preference, this could go either way. With the smaller screen, the Lumia 900 has more pixels per inch which should equate to a sharper display since both phones have the same 800×480 resolution.


The edge here goes to the HTC Titan II, barely. The Titan II is running a Qualcomm Snapdragon single core processor at 1.5 GHz and the Nokia Lumia 900 is running the same processor at 1.4 GHz.


Draw. Both phones have the same memory configuration, 16 GB of internal memory and 512 MB of RAM.


Here’s where it gets a little tricky. On paper, the HTC Titan wins with its 16 megapixel primary camera with a wide-angle lens, smart sensors, and wide-angle lens (f2.6, 28mm), but the Nokia Lumia 900’s specs aren’t awful. Nokia is known for quality cameras on their smart phones. Nokia has an 8 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics. Both phones can do 720p video as well. Remember folks, more megapixels isn’t always the answer.


The Lumia 900 has a standard Li-lon 1800 mAh battery and the HTC Titan II has a 1730 mAh battery. So, LTE and big screens should eat both of these batteries up pretty fast. The HTC Titan II has a smaller battery, but the bigger screen. I think, without testing, logic tells us that the Nokia Lumia 900 will win this head to head battle.

What are we getting?

I have the HTC Titan in my pocket right now and it runs Windows Phone 7.5 just fine and the camera is pretty nice. I don’t have LTE available to me nor do I care about a 16 megapixel camera, so I don’t have any desire to upgrade to the Titan II. There are 3 main reasons I want the Nokia Lumia 900.

  1. The Lumia 900 in cyan is just plain sexy. White looks hot too, but cyan is for me.
  2. Nokia Drive should be able to replace Google Maps to satisfy my navigation needs. Bing Maps Navigation is horrible in my opinion.
  3. The size and design. Unibody design, rounded edges, Gorilla Glass, and only 2 inches smaller than my idea size. The Titan II is 2 inches larger than my ideal size.

Which one am I getting? Neither. I am a Verizon customer and can not afford to drop full, unsubsidized cost just to have one like I used to.

Which one do I want? The Nokia Lumia 900.

Which one do you want?

I think these devices, along with Nokia pushing the marketing, will make for a really good launch for the Nokia Lumia 900 and Windows Phone. Nokia is said to be spending big by funding an “iPhone-Like” launch and even subsidizing 25 Million dollars to put Lumia phones in the hands of AT&T’s front line workers. AT&T is said to be putting $200 Million into marketing for the Nokia Lumia 900 launch too. It should be huge for Microsoft for sure.



  1. thesis help

    03/29/2012 at 11:20 pm

    amazing! i want it

  2. RicGrupe

    03/30/2012 at 10:45 am

    I’d like to see a real review of both…not an unboxing…spec comparison…showroom floor look……but a REAL review.

    Right now the fixed batteries are almost a deal breaker….particularly because of LTE power gobbling. It is my understanding that the Win OS is less power hungry that either android or apple’s… maybe that would offset the LTE somewhat.

    A review is needed.

    BTW the HTC is more aesthetically pleasing to me….and as a photographer, all I have to do is compare the physical size of the lens to predict the HTC will out preform the Nokia. The 900’s APPs are it’s strong suit IMO.

  3. RicGrupe

    03/31/2012 at 7:28 am

  4. Ablonseno

    03/31/2012 at 12:19 pm

    Neither because AT&T’s network and customer service are awful

    • Dbugtorres

      03/31/2012 at 7:02 pm

      unlock it… creep

  5. The Game

    03/31/2012 at 7:00 pm

    i have tmobile but im going to get the nokia lumina 900 and unlock it so i can put it to tmobile right now i have the htc hd7 its a good phone but the battery life is horrible and my screen looks horrible as well so im going with the nokia lumina 900 hands down

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