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Nokia Lumia 925 Appears at T-Mobile Ahead of Release



The arrival of a new area on T-Mobile USA’s website could indicate an imminent launch of the Nokia Lumia 925, the company’s latest flagship device.

The page, which includes a few details about the device and a sign up form for letting users sign up for notifications on when the device is available on the United States’ fourth largest carrier, is the first sign of an impending launch of the device.

While carriers in China and the United Kingdom have begun accepting pre-orders for the last day or two, T-Mobile had been exceptionally quiet about when it’s users might see the device. T-Mobile will be the only carrier in the United States to offer the Lumia 925.

4.5-inch Nokia Lumia 925 smartphone launching as a T-Mobile USA exclusive in the U.S.

4.5-inch Nokia Lumia 925 smartphone launching as a T-Mobile USA exclusive in the U.S.

This isn’t the first time a Nokia Lumia device has been available on the network, that honor goes to the Nokia Lumia 710. However, this is the first flagship Nokia Windows Phone to head to the network. Previously, T-Mobile users had been saddled with only mid to low range variants of Nokia Windows Phones from other carriers like the Lumia 810, which was a spin off the Nokia Lumia 820.

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Although the device had been extensively leaked beforehand, Nokia formally announced the Lumia 925 at an event last month.

For Nokia users, this device will include more than a few firsts. For starters the Lumia 925 will be the first Windows Phone device made by Nokia to feature an aluminum chassis. All other Nokia Windows Phones until this point have consisted of a unibody polycarbonate designs that are meant to hold up against scrapes and nicks.

Because of this change in materials, the color options for users looking to pick up the Lumia 925 will be limited, the device will only ship in silver or black, though users can add color options to the device using a series of bright backs that also enable the device to be used with Nokia’s wireless charging stands and docks.

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This device will also be the first Lumia to ship with the Nokia Amber Update that the company also detailed during the Lumia 925 event. It’s this update that will enable things like the ability to have a persistent clock show up on the device when it’s in sleep and FM Radio playback.

The Lumia 925 features a 1.5Ghz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor, 8.7 megapixel rear-facing camera, 1GB of RAM and a 4.5” AMOLED display. Actual pricing is still unknown.



  1. Dennis

    06/08/2013 at 10:30 am

    Old article was out 4 days after the may 14th announcement. Does anyone research anymore? This is the 3rd site in 2 days to post this nonsense. Anyway I check daily all over the web and call both Nokia and tmobile. Nothing from either of them while the rest of the world is taking preorders we get the run around.

  2. long-an nguyen (@longannguyen)

    06/08/2013 at 1:30 pm

    Also, there’s actually 3 colors available instead of the 2 that this article stated: black, silver, and white.

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