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Nokia Lumia 929 Coming in Early November for $500?



Verizon Wireless subscribers could see the phablet-sized Nokia Lumia 929 on store shelves as early as November.

At least, that is the story coming from sources inside Verizon who spoke with Windows Phone website WPCentral. Reportedly, the device shows an in-store inventory date of November 6th. While that date seems a little late for Nokia, especially if it’s trying to make the device readily available to users ahead of the holiday shopping season and competitors like the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, it is in line with past launches for Windows Phone. The outlet also alleges that the Lumia 929 will cost users $500 without a two-year service agreement in either black or white.

Right now, very little is known about the exact specifications of the Nokia Lumia 929. Photos shared by infamous wireless industry leaker, EvLeaks do indicate that the device is destined for Verizon and includes compatibility with the company’s 4G LTE data network.

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Those pictures also indicated that the device would sport a rear-facing 20 megapixel camera with that includes Nokia’s PureView imaging technology. While a sensor with that quality would put the device ahead of the Nokia Lumia 925 and other older Nokia Windows Phone flagships, that isn’t close to what users get with the Nokia Lumia 1020. That device includes a rear-facing 41 megapixel camera. Unfortunately, that device is exclusive to AT&T in the United States.

Alleged photos of the Nokia Lumia 929 shared by EVLeaks.

Alleged photos of the Nokia Lumia 929 shared by EVLeaks.

If the pictures shared by Evleaks are correct, the Lumia 929 will become the company’s first phablet-sized device on Verizon. Though we don’t yet know exactly what screen size users can expect when the device launches, simulated screenshots of the device running Windows Phone 8 include an extra column for live tiles. That extra column is in line with what’s been reported about an update for Windows Phone 8, named GDR3. Allegedly, devices with larger screen sizes and higher resolutions have more space for placing live tiles on the Start Screen. That places the screen-size of the Lumia 929 at at 5-inches.

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Although an exact launch date for the device remains elusive, Nokia sent out invitations for a press event on October 22nd. If the Lumia 929 is on the way, Nokia could use the event to formally announce the Lumia 929 along with the Nokia 1520 – a Windows Phone with a large 1080p display that is on its way to AT&T exclusively.



1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. WPuser

    10/01/2013 at 7:35 am

    phones made exclusive to carriers is bullshit. ATT sucks big time where I live and so do their prices. 1020 for Verizon please!

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