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Nokia N800 Internet Tablet Unboxing Tonight on



img037 I have a new toy sitting in my office that was just delivered.  It’s a Nokia N800 Internet Tablet.  If you want to tune in Tonight 8/16/2007 at 10 PM Eastern you can follow this link to the channel.

I am going to hold off opening even the UPS box as to not even tempt me to look in the box that actually has the N800 in it!!

I’ve never even had my hands on one of these, so it will be as new to me as it is you.  I’ll try and get things up and running, surf the net, check out Skype if anybody is online at the time…  might even cut the show and see if I can broadcast to the Ustream channel from the N800 – but we’ll wait till the end just in case that doesn’t work…

So, if you want to see the Nokia N800 unboxed and have any questions – tune in tonight, Thursday August 16th at 10pm Eastern Time!!

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